Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Gartner responds to InformationWeek article

The Gartner Ombudsmen have posted a response to the InformationWeek article on their blog Credibility of Analysts: Gartner Put to the Test. A few points from the blog:

  • Vendor-sponsored white papers: No, it's unethical (An expanded comment would be "Not any longer" because Gartner use to do sponsored white paper until a few years ago)
  • Transparency of Gartner's research methodologies: Gartner has documented and published its methodologies for all to see (An expanded comment would be "We are working on it, not everything is documented yet." There are some deliverables like the Vendor Rating which are not documented nor transparent. The Magic Quadrant is documented but Gartner does not publish criteria weightings or how analysts inject subjective opinions into a MQ)
  • (R)esearch is ... influenced by ... investment in the SI Ventures II fund and by outside investors such as Silver Lake Partners: No (Don't have any quibbles on this one)

The Omsbudsman blog does have "Comments" turned on, so go over and provide Gartner some direct input.

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ARonaut said...

See Joe's further digging on Gartner Watch:

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