Monday, 13 February 2006

InformationWeek responds to comments about article, mentions ARmadgeddon

Interesting that both Gartner responded to the InformationWeek article and now InformationWeek itself has responded to the comments about the article. Hopefully this will start a higher profile conversation with all industry stakeholders, especially IT managers, about the role, methodology and business practices of the IT analysts.

IT Analysts Turn The Table And Analyze Us

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ARonaut said...

IW links back to ARmadgeddon in this sequel:

IT Analysts Turn The Table And Analyze Us

Here's the comment we posted:

Yes, we feld the article was a bit soft because it did not touch on the sensitive points:

- Blackmailing. Vendors are often suggested that their coverage will improve if they're customer

- Relevance. Do end-users find research and analysts relevant? We think there are huge discrepancies in abilities and pertinence

- Taxonomy. Rather than fairness of research, all the game is in setting the playing field. If a vendor can get Gartner to define a market narrowly, it can become the leader more easily. Same applies to sample size and distribution of surveys.

Finally, you did not comment on the different types of analysts: those consulted by users, those calculating market shares and the ones writing reports. By amalgamating all you don't give a chance to sort good from bad.