Thursday, 9 March 2006

IDC Directions in San Jose

IDC’s annual Directions conference was in San Jose on March 7th. The theme this year was “Agenda for a Shrinking Globe: Seizing Opportunities in a Connected World.” Attendance was announced as 1,200 and it did seem like there was a good crowd.

The plenary sessions were uniformly interesting, high energy and thought provoking. John Gantz on “Disruptions Ahead” and Shiv Bakhski on “Mobility Matters” were very useful with good ah ha’s.

Unfortunately, many of the track sessions did not measure up to the plenary sessions. Too often the speaker droned on about numbers without providing any context or specific strategic insights. Also, if you paid any attention to IDC’s research or even read business publications on a regular basis, you did not hear anything you did not already know.

If IDC is to take on Forrester and Gartner for end-user market share, it will have to uplevel its content to less box counting and more strategic advice.


ARonaut said...

Do you know what was the audience mix? IDC events are often mostly vendor-oriented...

Anonymous said...

I have attended many IDC Directions and if I was not a vendor (and AR to boot), then it wouldn't have been much use. I spent most of my time networking and they had good opportunities for that.

IDC gives out a lot of free tickets to subsribers, and I gave them out to my end users.

I don't really like Ganz and I think he's more a cheerleader than a researcher.

The better event is the GRAC (Global Research Advisory Counsel) more high end, more inside info, etc. This is usually reserved for the top research person (I was both) and limited to people who buy above a certain level.

Silicon Valley Guy said...

Likely near 100% vendor.

IDC was pushing the end-user centric IT Forum and Expo this June in Boston quite heavily.