Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Analysts departing for vendors

Lighthouse AR's Duncan Chapple had an interesting post that discussed analysts departing for vendor jobs Hyperion hires a second Gartner vice-president.

What the firms should do is pretty straightforward. As soon as the analyst gives notice:

  • The firm should notify all relevant vendors
  • The analyst should decline participation in any already scheduled briefings
What annoys many vendors is the situation that Duncan mentioned about an analyst doing a briefing a week before they departed, not that the analyst got a job at a vendor. This situation does illustrate the need for greater transparency by the firms in their business practices and standards of conduct. Perhaps Gartner, Forrester, IDC and the other firms should post on their websites what are their policies for departing analysts, conflicts of interest, stock investments by analysts and so on.


Anonymous said...

When I worked as a technical consultant, if an employee left to join a rival firm they were paid their notice but asked to leave straight away. When vendors find out that analysts are due to leave a week before they go, perhaps that's what's happening. Enforcing a gardening leave period (where you can't work but you can't start your new job either) seems unnecessary punishment if the analyst isn't joining a rival firm.

Anonymous said...

Chances are pretty good that analysts going to work for vendors were already "working" for the vendor as analysts.