Monday, 3 April 2006

Forrester IT Forum/Gigaworld – Low Energy Kickoff

Mike Gilpin’s conference welcome had all the pizzazz of the safety lecture on airlines. His pitch was way too casual and hokey, not crisp and professional. Mike had trouble with his slides and pointed it out – a problem that CEO George Colony had as well. Frankly, not a compelling way to kick off what should be an exciting conference.

George Colony’s “Setting the Stage” presentation had a very déjà vu feeling to it. George started with a discussion about waves of technology since the 1960s and Moore’s Law. Unfortunately, this was very elemental information which anybody who has been reading the IT trade and business press would know. George also recycled the discussion around Innovation Networks, which were discussed extensively at last year’s Gigaworld and in published research before and since Gigaworld 2005. Not very new. As his big-bang ending, George suggested that the industry get rid of the term “IT.” Ok, perhaps this is new and exciting? Not really as Forrester published “The Death of IT” on January 1, 2000, even here George is recycling his firm’s old concepts.

Following George’s presentation came a Microsoft commercial. They literally showed a Microsoft TV-style commercial as the lead in to the Microsoft “Premium Sponsor” speech by a Microsoft VP that was itself a commercial.

If Forrester is going to compete with Gartner for industry mindshare, it has got to interject more energy and fresh ideas into its premier conference for IT managers.

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Anonymous said...

Gilpin is a fantastic analyst but as pointed out here not very dynamic. I wonder what the thinking was in choosing him (internal politics?).

Colony must be focused on running the business and doing less big thinking.

This is a challenge for Forrester as they become more Gartner like. KEEP the good stuff from Forrester while performing the new services.

I never heard anything revolutionary at Symposium (though I admit the 2/3 of well known IT companies will disappear prediction Fleisher made one year was true and still in process)