Wednesday, 20 June 2007

What's that over the hill, is it a blogger?

Hardly a surprise but Jonny has it official now: Redmonk are kings of the analyst bloggers.

The larger firms are quite low down the list, with the Borg coming at the 41st place but Jupiter and Forrester are quite well represented. It looks like the blogs are the de facto platform for open source research. Is it the birth of a new kind of influence?


Anonymous said...

Your link is out of date - the list has been updated.

Phil Fersht said...

I was an analyst for 12 years for IDC, Yankee Group and a couple of boutiques. Two months' ago I finally stated my blog, focused on outsourcing, and I have had far more people actually reading my stuff that I did when I wrote research reports. Blogging is clearly blurring the lines between analysts/consultants/thought leaders. You are dead right - it is the new influence platform,


ARonaut said...

Link now updated.