Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Gartner's Magic Quadrants: a wind of change?

According to several sources, Gartner is preparing a major revamp of their Magic Quadrants, maybe the borgs are reading Joe and us?

  • Methodology: a consistent approach will be implemented through something like MetaSpectrum or ASEM. Basically, there will be a set of criteria, each with several metrics giving a scoring in several dimensions underpinning each quadrant. This is a very positive move: since the criteria will be published, the process will be far more transparent and the result more credible.
  • Process: Gartner Clients will have more visibility to the process. No words on frequency, a key issue as we said before.
  • Scope: market definitions will be and must be defined. This is the weak points of the quadrants: they depict a marketplace, making them a great marketing tool for vendors but do little to help users making an informed decision on technology choices. An issue based approach would be more beneficial for them.

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theARpro said...

Interesting that the croteria will be published. Will they follow Forrester in publishing the scale points and the weightings?