Monday, 20 June 2005

Ovum makes a move!

Sorry for the headline: we were looking for something snazzy and quite unusual this Monday....

Check Duncan's blog: Analyst Equity: Ovum buys RHK, which is another Telco analysis firm.

And here are the latest movements -they've hired a few guys, including good old Stratos from META: Ovum Strengthens Global Team Tekrati Research News

We can imagine the discussions they had at board level: business is OK, right. Should we actually DECIDE something, now that there's an opportunity with Gartner's decimation of META? You and us would have thought they would have expanded into the fastest moving business for IT Analyst Firms: consulting. Or they could have started to cover SOMETHING ELSE, like for instance hardware, industries or else as users are looking for a second opinion (who wants to give it all up to the Borg?) and Forrester, RFG, AMR and the other user focused firms some cases have ZERO PRESENCE.

Nah, they've decided to stay as they are, well within their comfort zone...

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