Friday, 18 November 2005

Weekly digest

The AR blogging community has been busy this week:



Silicon Valley Guy said...

Decision Matrix Group is a subsidary of Monitor Clipper Partners, which is a subsidary of the Monitor Group.

Clear? ;->

ARonaut said...

Thanks for this precision, it's somewhat nebulous indeed...

ARonaut said...

SVG, interesting to see that Outsell made the same mistake -if mistake it is:

"Seller Decision Matrix Group was another private equity company that had Yankee long enough to get a taste of the research and advisory space and learn how difficult it can be to find roll-ups and build scale in a market that’s pretty mature. Decision Matrix acquired the firm from Monitor Clipper Partners and other investors, which in turn acquired it from Reuters in May 2004."


ARonaut said...

... but interestingly, Outsell has disabled comments on their blogs. Does that still make it a blog?

Maybe James Governor would have an idea on this?

Silicon Valley Guy said...

Yep it's true, and Outsell is wrong.

From the Monitor Clipper Partners website:

"In May 2004, MCP Fund II formed Decision Matrix Group to acquire The Yankee Group, the world’s largest research firm focused exclusively on the communications and networking industries."

So there is the link between DMG and MCP. Now the link between MCP and Monitor.

"Monitor Clipper Partners is a private equity investment firm formed in 1998 by The Monitor Group, a leading group of advisory businesses that has at its core one of the world’s largest strategy consulting firms, and The Clipper Group, an experienced private equity investment firm."

Frankly, many analysts -- in this context Outsell is just another analyst -- don't do the hard work of really digging out the facts. Gartner drives me crazy because its analysts often provide very shallow analysis based on very little real research, just opinions and suppositions.

ARonaut said...

Thanks for the update SVG.

Here are the links in "clear":