Wednesday, 2 November 2005

Vinnie shoots at Forrester!

Great post from Vinnie Mirchandani on Forrester in his blog [deal architect:] Forrester's Fortitude. He describes them as bold and taking risk on analysis (i.e. headline research). The SAP case (stock fell 10%) is scary.

What impact has Forrester on European AR professionals?
Headline research, or bold claims with little substanciation, is difficult to deal with for AR people, as getting a retractation from an analyst is difficult. That is unless of course the relationship with the analyst is good and makes him/her more predictable. On the the other hand, Forrester's presence in Europe is far from what it should be (they don't cover hardware for instance).


Vinnie Mirchandani said...

Shoot may be harsh! Putting my buyer client hat on, I like the fact that Forrester is going out a limb 2-3 years before problems arise. Most buyers treat analysts as one data point, not as literally as vendors do.

I admire the fact that they have made some mistakes in past but keep projecting a few years out.

James Governor said...

bold claims with little substanciation

sounds kind of like a lot of marketing and PR doesnt it?

Vinnie Mirchandani said...

business people make 3-5 year calls all the some industries they even do longer term planning.

Gartner makes projections too, but much more conservatively, and with probabilities. Forrester does not mind going out on a limb and paraphrasing its projections. Not sure I would say they are without substantiation.

I pointed out specifics where they may have been wrong or too early. I also expressed my admiration for their doing so. For a risk taking tech industry we live in we need voices like theirs. Obviously be nicee if they were always right...but considering in baseball a .400 record is almost impossible or in soccer the strike attempt to score is even lower, not a bad record...