Tuesday, 20 December 2005

An after thought on Serendipp

Lunchtime are made for Google, aren't they? I've been trying to find out a bit more about our new friends at Serendipp, Ahmed and Dominic. Dominic used to be COO at SalePlane, so I ran this Google search to find out more. For some reason, the one link that comes up goes through to a Metropolitan Police warning about internet fraud.


Dom Pannell said...

Er... thanks for the heads up ARpro... I think!

I'm not sure that I really appreciate having my name publicly linked to internet fraud, even if (as far as I can tell) the Met's page doesn't actually accuse me or anyone else of anything.

One of the products that SalePlane (www.saleplane.com) currently represents, AfterMail, is a secure, auditable and tamperproof email archiving solution that is used in the battle against fraud and has been sold to at least one European police force, but I can't honestly see how that would affect your Google search...

Since you've so generously posted the link, I'll investigate and let you know what I turn up - would you be so kind as to (allow me to) post the explanation here? I'd hate people to think that ARmadgeddon is only interested in dishing unsubstantiated dirt...

Thanks again.

theARpro said...

We'll look forward to hearing from you, and we'd love to hear your throughts about Ahmed's comments. Do you also think that all analysts do is size markets and write case studies.

Dom Pannell said...

Well, the link has been sorted out... all it took was a couple of phone calls.

Thanks again for flagging it up ARpro - it's always good to be able to sort little things like this out swiftly; heaven knows what conclusions people might reach if they stumbled across such a link and didn't stop to think about it for a moment.

SalePlane's CIO has also asked me to thank you for your admirable scrutiny and has resolved the erroneous link.

theARpro said...

Hi Dom,

Yes, the service comes free with ARmadgeddon! Just pay it forward.