Wednesday, 7 December 2005

Weekly roundup: Forrester, IT-director and Quocirca (Part I)

This is in fact the roundup for last week, which has been quite eventful indeed.

On Wednesday and
at last, Justin Speake and his mates re-launched the newly spun off IT-Analysis, as a multi-analyst firms delivery vehicle. In other words, it’s a web site where research from various firms such as Bloor Research, Evalubase, Hewson Group, Hurwitz, IE4C, Luenendonk, Macehiter Ward Dutton, Metra Martech, Quocirca, Sageza and TechConsult is hosted. Delivery is free for most but the web site sells research through Infoedge, guidance through Amazon and is also supported by advertising (has anyone got memory problems?)

For more details, both David and Duncan (interesting to note that he was invited to speak but never made it to the stage –let's blame Lewis PR for that?) have published extensive posts on this:

We'd agree with David that everyone wins: small analysts get more exposure (fragmentation of the independent analyst world makes it difficult to navigate), users get a lot of research in one place and vendors get more visibility for sponsored research.

Overall, the business model is interesting and probably over time an alternative to the Borg: is that a first step towards
open source analysts? We'd love to hear James' opinion and even more to see him join!

Just one
comment for Justin though: you should replace the term "articles" by "research notes" or "reports"…

(to be continued)

Read also our previous post on Justin's plan:
Have you seen my plan, my plan, my plan?


James Governor said...

its an interesting idea with few obvious and immediate gotchas. had RedMonk not been so busy lately we might have joined for the launch. Justin has some good ideas. the focus on the community is the right focus.

James Governor said...

a first step to open source analysts? you give me a link but no credit sirs. we have already taken many steps towards open source analysis...

ARonaut said...


Yes, you've been talking long about this, and we've posted before:

Open source analyst business model?

But what do you exactely mean?
- that you let the community write or check your research?
- that it's free?
- that your business model is to sell maintenance on open source reports?