Thursday, 2 February 2006

The Credibility Of Analysts [InformationWeek "blog"]

Larry Greenemeier from InformationWeek is running an interesting poll on the Credibility Of Analysts.

He plans to publish the results on the 6th of February.

Although is blog is not a real blog, it raises interesting issues, like why does the Borg not put products they place in its Gartner Magic Quadrant to the test.

Selected quotes:

  • "an analyst industry that's tapped into an almost desperate need that businesses have to stay on top of emerging technology and a community of IT vendors even more desperate to make the sale"

  • "IT vendors and their customers both became beholden to the big analyst firms"

  • "The reluctance that vendors and end users have in publicly questioning analyst firms tells us all we need to know about the clout that these firms have"
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