Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Borg imposes 30mn briefing limit

So it looks like the Borg is about to limit briefings duration: Gartner limits vendor briefings to 30 minutes.

Vinnie, Dean and Jon have good comments on this, the two sides of the argument are:

  • Many vendors impose a death-by-powerpoint sentence to analysts with 3 hours and 54 charts briefing. This is BAD practice (see links below). A half an hour session should thus force vendors go straight to the point an be more productive.
  • Analyst briefings should be interactive ; 1800 seconds does not allow much of a two-way conversation.

  • ARmadgeddon is against unnecessary analyst cruelty and agrees that vendors could do a better job at scoping briefings to better address analysts needs. However, 30 mn is too short to allow for an interactive conversation. The fact that this new rule comes from the Borg is not a surprise as Gartner analysts tend to be more quiet and provide significantly less feedback than independent analysts during non-paid briefings. As a side note, arranging briefings through vendor relations takes Analyst Relations Managers anywhere from 1 hour to 2 days...

    POJ's wrote a nice take on this on GartnerWatch: You have the right to...
    His point that Gartner analysts would struggle to explain anything in less than 40 mn is spot on.

    More from ARmadgeddon on analyst briefings:
  • AR 101: Jon Collins on briefing analysts
  • [Monkchips:] No Time Wasters Please: On briefing industry analysts
  • Redmonk: how to brief analysts

    alan pelz-sharpe said...

    This is simply bad practice - I never had a problem stopping a vendor on slide 3 if it was clear that it was going to be death by powerpoint.
    An analyst should be in charge of the briefing and able to manage the time properly. It is their space and their perogative.
    However many analyst simply sit there blank faced, then bitch at the end of the briefing.
    Poor briefings work two ways - many vendors could be better trained in how to present to analysts. But there are many analysts who lack the skills or will to guide a vendor through the briefing effectively.

    Anonymous said...

    I'll go for the 30 minute briefing limit if Gartner will promise not to use half the time trying to pitch my execs on new services. ;-)