Thursday, 11 May 2006

The Borg mexican army

During a teleconference yesterday, Gartner's head of research Peter Sondergaard (or is it Dale Kutnick?) announced a reshuffle to accomodate the new role-based research structure. The new execs and their research groups:

  • Mike Lafford: sourcing & vendor management (they wrote vendors, not IT providers :-)
  • Jane Doorly: security & privacy
  • Jamie Popkin: business intelligence and information Management
  • Joe Baylock: IT infrastructure and operations
  • Val Sribar: applications management
  • Jennifer Beck: business of IT (whatever that is)
  • Bruce Bond: vertical industries (isn't that a pleonasm?)
  • Mike Harris: Dataquest (Gartner's number-crunching bunch)
  • Satoshi Yamanoi: Japan research
  • Jenni Lehman: research operations (analyst's bosses)
These are only internal changes in the Borg Mexican Army (over 70% of their analyst have "Vice President" in their titles but we have failed to identify to this day whether they really mean "Vices Preside"). The net impact for AR professionals is minimal as so far the new roles-based structure is more an internal reorg. However, Stephen England from KGC "bloviated about" the fact this could signal the Borg may price each research group separately, thus forcing vendors to buy more seats.

No new news there Stephen, just the usual highway robbery from the Borg.

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