Thursday, 25 May 2006

[Analyst Insight:] Forrester's latest AR Council initiative

David reports here a very daft idea:
Analyst Insight: Forrester's latest AR Council initiative

Why on earth would a vendor want to invite other vendors to one of their briefings?

The only explanation we can find is that there's been some space-cake abuse during a brain storming at Forrester's Amsterdam office.

We've posted before (here, here and there for instance) and to be frank we struggle to see their relevance -here in Europe at least. We can't see thought leadership, their sales efforts are timid at best and we haven't seen much of a strategy.


Eric said...

My name is Eric Lobel. I am the director of Forrester’s AR Council in the US and this is a program we are piloting based on the suggestions of members of the AR Council. I assure you there were no “space cakes” involved.

I think you do not understand the idea. This is not an invitation to a "briefing" but an exchange program for "analyst events".

Briefings, as I am sure you know are 30 to 60 minutes calls or meetings with no complexity or logistics.

Analyst Events, on the other hand, are off-site gatherings of various sizes which require coordination of numerous analysts, executives and other key personnel. These events are critical for many AR programs, taking considerable effort and budget. The exchange would allow non-competitive members to learn from each other how they handle the various complex elements of a quality analyst event.

I would be happy to explain the concept in more detail to anyone interested. I think the original post dismisses the idea unfairly without demonstrating understanding. My email is and I welcome any questions or comments.

ARmonk said...

It still smells funny. I wonder what's in for Forrester. Do you expect AR people to spill their guts about their experiences at Gartner, IDC, Ovum or elsewhere? Think again.

Eric said...

Hello ARmonk,

The Forrester AR Council has been existence for 3 years and has over 80 members. Members candidly share their experiences on a regular basis. We had over 40 members on our last teleconference.

What is in it for Forrester? Members pay to belong to the program. What is in it for the members? A facilitated forum that allows them to share their experiences when and how they see fit along with additional program-specific deliverables.

What I would ask all the anonymous bloggers is do your homework. I am disappointed that although ARonaut contacted me, he chooses not to correct a posting that is riddled with errors and misleading.

You are all entitled to your opinions, but I would have greater respect for criticisms based on actual knowledge of the program or this specific idea. Members know we constantly try new things based on their suggestions. Some work and some don’t but we are always striving to find new ways to add more value for the community.

Eric Lobel