Thursday, 1 February 2007

Zimmerman launches Analyst Perspectives

Jim Zimmerman, founder of white paper specialists Tekra, has a new blog - AnalystPerspectives. It's run through another venture he's associated with, Books24x7 (Even we find it hard to track all of Jim's ventures).

When he's not maintaining an excellent directory of analysts, Jim's blog provides commentary on the IT and Telecommunications analyst firm markets. His first few posts are good. He has a weekly profile of a tier 2 and 3 analyst firms, including Chainlink, Saugatuck, Mesabi and Valley View Ventures.

Let's hope he keeps up the momentum. As Joe and David have found, the first year is the easiest! Now that John is back from his sabbatical, at least there's one guarantee of more AR blogging in the future.


Jim Zimmermann said...

Hello to all the ARmadgeddon readers!

And a special thanks for mentioning my new blog!

A couple of clarifications:
1) I'm currently the Director of Research Products at Books24x7 ( where I've been creating a new collection of premium analyst content and exclusive summary articles that compare and contrast the views of multiple analyst firms. The new collection has the same name as the blog - AnalystPerspectives - and a link can be found on the blog.
2) The company I founded is Techra (not Tekra - don't want it confused with Tekrati). Techra is still writing white papers for leading IT and telecommunications vendors and its day-to-day operations are being run by my sister, Linda Strong.
3)Regarding keeping the content flowing to the blog - I've also seen the statistics about how many inactive blogs there are... and I assure your readers that I've got lots of opinions and analyst firm profiles that I'll be sharing - but for any blog to be really successful, it needs the participation of its readers - I welcome your comments and suggestions on what else you'd like to see covered in the AnalystPerspectives Blog!

Dom Pannell said...

Thanks for flagging Jim's blog, theARpro.

Looks like it should be a good read.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great blog - good luck with it! Someone needs to keep track of where all the good analysts go (i.e. objective with opinions) after they leave the saussage-factories of Forrester and IDC. Hope you can pull this off...

Btw - what's going on at Ovum now it's being subsumed into that awful Britsh "hoorah-henry" outfit? Anyone got any gossip on that?