Friday, 19 January 2007

ReForming Dynamics

We heard that Jon Collins (aka Jono, ex. IDC, ex. Quocirca, ex. Bloor, ex. MWD) just joined the Viles into FreeForm Dynamic, a firm that itself is an emanation of Quocirca. He's not the only one with itchy feet but, pfew, tracking analysts is a job in itself! When he's not busy changing jobs, Jon writes books: on music, more music or gardening.

Freeform Dynamics has now four analysts after Martin Atherton joined from the Datamonibores: Dale Vile, David Perry, Martin and Jon. Not to forget Helen Vile running the operations. They pretty much offer what Quocirca does (what goes around comes around): primary research, speaking engagement and white papers. They also publish research on their web site, covering about all the ICT segments: Communication and Collaboration, Infrastructure Optimisation, Customer Relationship Management and Resourcing and Outsourcing.

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Jon Collins said...

Yes, its very exciting isn't it - we like to keep you on your toes! I think this is also a sign of continued consolidation in the European analyst market, as a certain number of smaller analyst firms continue to grow, to fill the gaps left by acquisitions higher up. In my case its slightly different - I've made a sideways step from my good friends at MWD over to Freeform, and the two companies will continue to work very closely together in the future, we're still writing joint proposals as before, and co-presenting at events. We're also joined at the hip by the Technology Garden book of course!

Dale Vile said...

I'll reiterate Jon's words on the strong relationship with Neil and Neil being maintained, which is an interesting facet of the open/collaborative segment within the broader small analyst community. People moving between companies, e.g. to follow interests or pursue the next career challenge (as Jon is doing), translates to a positive adjustment at a community level, rather than disruption or conflict.