Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Rebels vs. Dinosaurs: there’s nothing like a good argument

Was the whole thing planned? Just three weeks before “rather suddenlyleaving the Industry Analysts Circus, Carter launched this missile:Will established analyst firms become dinosaurs to the new media-oriented analysts?

This post has sparked quite a lot of noise on the AR blogs, and many interesting discussions and reactions, but nothing like ARmadgeddon’s usual cynical and one-sided views. Until today.

In his post, the ex-AR guru observes that traditional IT research firms (dubbed as dinosaurs in the post) are slow to adopt Web 2.0 while in the same post asking for proofpoints of the claimed influence of the new “insurgents”. Those proofpoints, he says, are essential for a vendor to commit all too scarce resources to service the needs of those new kids on the block.

The debates extends way beyond the moderns vs. ancients as many other bloggers joined in with points ranging from influence to business model –we’ll deal with these two aspects in a series of posts. Stay tuned for the next post in the series: Rebels vs. Dinosaurs: Influence is Everywhere.

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alan pelz-sharpe said...

Isn't part of the problem contained in the question - 'vendor investment' - the fact that analyst firms are dependent on vendor revenue is a major reason for the cynicism and problems we see today.