Friday, 30 November 2007

The IDC is in expansion !

IDC has just put out this press release:
IDC's Expansion Efforts Validated in New Report from Outsell, Inc.

It is quite interesting that they are seeking third party validation themselves, a trick vendors often use IDC for. The release gives some facts (like they now have 950 analysts) but not IDC's actual revenue and is highlights their Insights businesses. We've been hinting before that Insights cannibalises their current business and does not sell too well to users. Indeed, this line does little to reassure us: "IDC now has the fastest growing end-user advisory business among the large market intelligence companies." As every analyst knows, "fastest-growing" always means smallest.

They know about segmentation though...

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Anonymous said...

I find IDC's press release confusing. Dennis Philbin, quoted in the release, jumped ship a week later to head up a start-up research venture, and word from inside IDC is one of "constant ongoing layoffs as a result of a very poor fiscal". I guess one of the advantages of being privately owned is that it can spin stories of financial success with little comeback.