Thursday, 21 April 2005

The final count?

Well, 20 days after the Borg officially assimilated the techno-utopians, we have been trawling the battlefield and counted the POW's, MIA and KIA.

Estimates vary, but it looks like there's a consensus that about a 60% are now off to greener pastures...

Here are our (partial) estimations:

  • US META Group analysts: 26 out, 7 Gartnerised = 21% survival rate
  • EMEA META Group analysts: 16 out, 7 Gartnerised = 30% survival rate
  • WW, we've counted 51 META analysts MIA, that's consistent with a 30 to 50% survival rate.
  • As far as MGC (META Group Consulting) is concerned, the team is pretty much decimated as stated in our previous post. So it seems Gartner is not much interested into vendor consulting, they've confirmed they still won't do white-papers (META used to). Anyway, who would want to face their so-called "vendor relations" during the review process?

So, going back to the reasons Gartner acquired META, as stated in their press release:

  • they're getting "more than 100 highly-trained sales people from META"...
    As David said, "there are cheaper ways of acquiring them than buying a company - like luring them away with big salaries and bonus payments."
  • "a greater presence in targeted international markets — including the UK and Germany" and in "several key industries, including energy and utilities, insurance and government and finally"
    Well, funny they've laid off so many people in those countries then!
  • extra analysts to cover "roles such as enterprise architecture"
    And so many analysts!

Bottom line: As we said before, this is purely a competitive take-out and we re-iterate our prediction that Gartner will increase their prices (.9 probability).

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Terry Vorgath said...

>>the team is pretty much decimated

So they've lost only 10% of their workforce, then. Not a bad attrition rate, really.