Thursday, 26 May 2005

Interesting analyst relations technique: treat them badly

It seems that large firms and boutiques have something in common...they're all being snubbed by a certain high-tech company in California. What makes matters worse is that the company goes out of its way to tell analysts that they're being snubbed. Two analysts (from two firms) have described email that says, "You are not being invited to the event." The company held an analyst conference earlier this year and invited only five firms! One must wonder why a company that once welcomed its IT analysts with open arms is now going out of its way to avoid them. They'd better be careful or their image will drop faster than their stock price.


R.E.Searcher said...

So the "Queen of Gossip" is in Analyst Relations? Hmmm. Then you must have heard of vendors that restrict the number of analysts that can be invited to events, simply for the fact that money is not growing on trees. Or these two anonymous analysts, that are not invited to the anonymous vendor event, are simply not on the A-list.

Ctrl-Alt-Delete said...

I think you're right - only the C lists ever get bumped. Or perhaps the analysts did something bad ?

Indie boy said...

what kind of thing would count as "bad"? Surely not saying something negative about the company...?