Thursday, 5 May 2005

Gartner publishes Q1 earnings

Not a good quarter: flat revenues overall, but with events down 56% and the META charge, their Q results show a $14m loss. David has posted an analysis on his AnalystViews blog.

As we said in a previous post (Revealed: why Gartner took over META!!!), the META acquisition makes little sense financially except if they can maintain a price premium in the long term.

On that topic (Stuck with a META contract?), we have received early indication indeed that the SAS day rates have been sharply increased while the Borg is showing little flexibility. We therefore recommend to terminate META contracts at the first opportunity and/or claim that of the contracts terms have significantly changed since a) all META content is available through Gartner RAS subscriptions and b) the META brand is "retired".

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