Tuesday, 26 July 2005

Analyst insight: "Gartner absorbs vertical services from G2"

As hinted here and revealed here, Gartner is moving to streamline their organisation and make sure the borg speaks to the borg. And since David is back from holidays, he produced a nice summary of the recent Gartner teleconference for AR professionals:
Analyst Insight: Gartner absorbs vertical services from G2

So, consulting will report to Sondergaard and that means the verticals are in the same organisation than the research silos.

Outsell has more in Going, Going, Going Vertical: Gartner Announces New Vertical Industry Products. Namely "client-shaped research agendas" and more transparency.

Bottom line: we think Gartner is moving in the right direction to address shortcomings of its silos and business practices. We welcome in particular the merging of G2 with research, but with a word of caution on the compensation model as analysts are not financially compensated to partner with consulting. This creates tensions in the organisation and has historically created situations where consulting and research have conflicting recommendations.
Another sore point for vendors remains the fact that the event business is still a separate entity as this will continue to present challenges for vendors to leverage their investment with Gartner across the whole product portfolio.

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