Thursday, 14 July 2005

Gartner's stock starts trailing up

It's two weeks until Gartner gives the market some real insight into the META merger, when it publishes its next quarterly results.

The stock trend has been strongly upwards this week - and over the last few months. This suggests that Gartner's agressive outplacement of META staff has cut out a lot of the acquired firm's overheads, and that more the income is thus going straight forward to the bottom line.

Who knows, if the results are really good it might even stop Andy complaining for an hour or two!


Anonymous said...

I think you are missing the point here. While Gartner's stock is up on the week, is it way down over the last year and the last six months -- while competitors like Forrester are up. Check out this chart to see the real trend.

The bottom line is that Gartner shareholders still don't think that the acquisition has added value to the firm

bitblue said...

I shouldn't actually dignify your posting with a detailed answer, but you just disqualified yourself. If you were a true "AR pro" you'd know better what "analyst relations" is about. Then again, by hiding behind an anonymous handle it's so much more fun to bitch, isn't it?

BTW, I received this email from a guy (I actually don't know him personally) after the other "Germany thread":
"... On an unrelated note, I read your response to one of the postings on the guttural nonsense of the Armageddon Blog. Frankly, I think the bloggers in this space just have an "axe to grind" while their content is suspect. I find it amazing how jaded former analysts get when they find themselves unemployed and not relevant. Keep up the good work. Just my
$.02 worth."

Keep grinding...

theARpro said...

Andy, I think your post comes across as bullying. There's nothing in the original post, or the anonymous comment, that reflects anything other than fact. Your reply does't address the facts. You have all the enthusiasm of a recent convert, but no insight. Is it time for you take some holiday?

bitblue said...

ARpro, we're not going to be sensitive all of a sudden, are we? Looks like you didn't quite understand what my posting was about.

I didn't react to quarterly results or stock trends or outplacement or any of your "facts". I reacted because of this out-of-the-blue comment: "Who knows, if the results are really good it might even stop Andy complaining for an hour or two!"
I don't know why I deserved that.

You guys on this blog keep requesting open debate, but you keep shooting from the dark, and then you are surprised if some flak comes right back at you. You see, if you "closet AR guys" keep hammering on everybody, then you won't get any decent debate with any analyst here, ever. If I was looking for flame postings, I can join some usenet group about Eminem. So far I haven't seen any truly open discussion here.

Bottom line: It's called "analyst relations" and I can't help it but wonder how you maintain relations like that. Looks more like "analyst rejections" to me.

Case in point: "You have all the enthusiasm of a recent convert, but no insight."
If you say so... I'm sure you have all the insight.

Signing off.

>> Is it time for you take some holiday?
Don't worry about my holiday. You're not my mother.

theARpro said...

But Andy, you do complain. All the time. If not about us, then about KLM or something else.