Thursday, 1 September 2005

Have you seen my plan, my plan, my plan?

Looks like Justin's done it again with Duncan Chapple: "The cunning plan of Bloor Research".

For those he has not visited yet, here's the elevator pitch that will avoid you the meeting:

  • Bloor has been founded by, well Robin Bloor (after falling out with ex-associate Martin Butler that is)
  • He moved to Austin (Texas that is) to work with Carol Baroudi (author of Internet for Dummies), hence Baroudi-Bloor
  • They then went trio with Judith into Hurwitz
  • Robin is no longer active with Bloor, since Justin took over and brought his mates -even though there are persisent rumours of sightings at the Magic Circle

So here's a quick rundown of Justin's grand plan:

  1. Spin off IT-Director + IT-Analysis and open them as a publishing tool to other firms
  2. Open source their research, or parts of it
  3. Help users with selection with a venture quite alike yellow pages for the IT world
  4. Sell vendors with "market access" products (aka analyst for hire, which is what they mainly sell today in their spare while not mending the relationship with Oracle)

We will watch this space with great interest, and in particular on the "ability to execute". "Completeness of vision" is... grand, in particular the collaborative aspect of open sourcing methodologies to the independent analysts community. We like the fact it enables them to collaborate on frameworks while playing on individual strenghts to compete for projects.

If that plan succeeds it would be a calming force against the ever greedy Borg. (Even if money was no object, Bloor is still way easier to deal with.)

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