Tuesday, 18 April 2006

Bitter Andy defends his Tragic Quadrant

Nothing better than some fun reading when coming back from a four-day bank holiday week-end.

Borgmember Andy (Bitterer) has kindly obliged, after seeing red for a Gartner Magic Quadrant on Business Intelligence (is that not an oxymoron?) had been criticised by a certain David Stodder from Intelligent Enterprise.

Of course, David's has Beotian views on the Borgian Tragic Quadrant and Andy is right to put things in their place. His A3Q (Andy's Advanced Automobile Quadrant) is funny and a good metaphor, but Gartner and the overall ecosystem would nevertheless benefit from disclosing methodologies behind the Magic Quadrants.

PS: to Andy's credit, he's one of the few Borg analysts to comment and blog.

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Anonymous said...

Agree 100% with ARonaut that Gartner needs to be more open with its methodology, data and decision framework about how it places those darn dots on the MQ. While the Borg did clarify its methodology last year it was far from being completely open. Forrester is much more open with its Forrester Wave.