Wednesday, 12 April 2006

El Reg takes on The Economist and Rob Enderle

The Registers fires at pointblank on Rob Enderle on the allegation he's a "rent-a-quote analyst" paid by Sun's competitors:
Sun zinged by rent-a-quote analyst | The Register

The article contains some strong language, which seems to be a trademark of Ashlee Vance. But who pays HIM?

Beyond the apparent scandal, this raises again the issue of transparency in the analyst community.

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Anonymous said...

If you Want a simple way to see Rob's true opinion's simply google. Enderele, 2004 Forum keynote.

The first link is a slightly modified version(read now suitable for public display) On SCO's website. The rest of the links are the thousands of people commenting on it. Basically in his then drunken stupor Rob said some really funny things. He basically admits to giving his positive opinion of anyone who pays him.

Rob is a professional shill. He is the kind of guy who would work for the tobacco industry saying Cigarettes aren't harmful and contain vitamins C in them. Rob only works for the tech industry though the position is the same.

David Turnbull