Monday, 28 August 2006

Kiwi shed light on the Borg

We've been sent the following link (thanks Jeff):
Computerworld > It’s time to step into the light.

The main thread is a realisation that most reports are paid for and questionning on Gartner's credibility. This seems to be a growing concern in the press and should worry any AR professional (see alsoMore reations to the Information Week Credibility of Analysts article).

"Former employees say that where once the independence of Gartner and other large US-based research companies was totally accepted, there is now a level of discomfort about that same independence. "

Probably more interesting are the reports on how Gartner lost ground in New Zealand:

"But because of expectations in the wider Australasian region, the company withdrew from New Zealand and tried to sell its services from Australia. It has only recently reopened an office here. It is generally accepted that the company lost its ability to engage with its customers on a personal basis."


Phil Payne said...

I'm getting old and cynical. Well, I'm certainly getting old - but perhaps I always was cynical.

1978-1992 with vendors, 1992-2005ish as an analyst.

I'm bored with finding fragments of vendor press releases, gently masticated, in analyst quotes. I'm not sure how to describe the resultant emotion - do I suspect the analyst of parroting the vendor's words to curry favour (and sell reprints) or do I suspect the analyst of simply not having done any homework and thus being reliant on vendor wordsmithing?

They're not good at covering it up. Back during the infamous Barkto affair I acquired a number of tools that associate text fragments with their original sources (serious students should study analysis of the synoptic Gospels) but the same bells ring.

I've several times in the recent past read collated analyst quotes and wondered to myself: "Is anybody out there actually doing any WORK?"

Anonymous said...

Gartner has been on the slide for 5 years' now and clearly a vommit-inducing "pay-for-play"; IDC is imploding internally and has little direction to go beyond "branded" inaccurate and over-inflated numbers; Forrester is trying to be the new Gartner but it's research is crap (but looks good until you actually read it); Yankee is on life-support; Aberdeen actually in post-mortem and Ovum just plain crap (and buying up more crap like Summit Strategies). CEB is streets ahead of all of them, they all know it, but they keep persisting in selling the same tired old drudge research to the same tired old clients in the vain hope they'll still think it's cutting edge stuff. The analyst industry is on the point of implosion and a new breed of blogger/boutique specialist poised to take over...

Anonymous said...

If CEB is so wonderful (and all the analyst firms know it) then how come I have never, ever come across a single example of their 'analysis' being used in enterprise buying situations?