Monday, 30 July 2007

A night with Efrem will cost you an arm and a leg

If Barbara French ever needs a new job, I would be first in line to recommend her as a book reviewer. With a biting wit she has launched into Efram Mallach's new book.

Barbara's chief concern has nothing to do with the content - she has his last book and doesn't doubt that this version will be even better than the original. Her problem, and mine as well, has to do with the price tag.

What price are you prepared to pay for a good bit of insight?

I've got a few McKinzie books ($20) and a few AR books ($15) on my desk. Good value I thought. But what incredible stretch of logic made Efrem's publishers think that $500 showed value for money.


Unless this book comes with its own diamond I am at a loss to figure out how it can be worth so much money.

Barbara though does bring some keen insight and has mooted a few reasons why it has been priced like this:

First, the $500 list price is a typo that has been promulgated across the online bookseller sites. Lighthouse AR should sue the Internet and refund any easy marks who actually paid $500 for this book.

Second, the $500 price includes a teleconference or other interactive learning experience with Dr. Mallach. Lighthouse AR should clone Dr. Mallach or at least outsource to a really good impersonator.

Third, the $500 price includes a private sunset cruise around the Boston Harbor with Efrem and a couple of the Celtics. The Summer League games are over, so this is a pleasant possibility. Lighthouse AR should not try to rock the boat.

Thanks Barbara - your blog was a great read.

Now if only I can save $500, maybe I will buy the book - or there again perhaps I will put the money to a summer holiday. What do you think is a better use of money?

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