Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Captors and hostages?

There's a great discussion here about whether ARmadgeddon is pro-Gartner. Which is quite surprising given some of our comments on the Gene's strategy to deliberately extract more money from IT vendors for less value (read this or that). For instance, we specifically warned vendors and AR mangers against some potential perverse aspects of the role-based research which seeems to us just a repackaging.

However, it is nevertheless true than most AR managers put Borg analysts in their Tier I list -sometimes more because of their appartenance to the Firm than their true value. Tier II and III analysts (and bloggers) such as Vinnie or James argue that they deliver more value and should receive their fair share of attention.


vinnie said...

Thanks for the link I am not an analyst or feel deserve to be compared to them. I did my stint as industry analyst in the 90s.

My business today works with 15-20 companies a year and helps them with sourcing and negotiation of contracts with the larger tech vendors. Our focus is efficiency and innovation in technology.

And reflects the focus of my two blogs. The Deal Architect blog is to highlight the high margins/waste in a number of tech sectors. And the New Florence blog is to share my excitement around all the neat stuff happening in so many tech sectors.

I don’t pretend they are market analysis. They are personal perspectives on the tech sector but provide a glimpse on how many of my clients view the tech market.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense. What you call open-source analysts will never get higher share of attention. In other words, they get their fair share of attention, because most of them are one-trick ponies. While I get access to hundreds of analysts at the Tier 1 firms, about virtually every tech topic, those ponytail analysts cover one segment of the market, maybe deep, but never wide. Not helpful in the greater scheme of things.