Wednesday 1 February 2006

Making it up While Drinking

Amidst rumours of a Bloor sell-out by the Justin gang, the analyst cycle is in full motion in the UK, with independent analysts talking of getting together –some have obviously read this post talking about a federation against the Borg.
This industry warming up, evaporation and condensation into new firm seems to be at Quocirca’s expense –who are actively recruiting new analysts to make up for the departure of Dale Vile and Jon Collins.

This brings us to today’s news: the same Jon is joining MWD, MWD (formed by the two ex-Ovum Neils –Ward-Dutton and Macehiter) is partnering with Freeform Dynamics (itself founded by the two Viles –Dale and Helen) and Influencer50 (an agency trying to help vendors influencing the influencers –a conflict of interest here?).
If you thought this was complicated, James announced here that he’ll be partnering with the two Viles… Menage a trois or swingers club?

ARmadgeddon’s analysis: the re-combination of free-spinning stratospheric analysts creates a confusing picture but when the dust settles it will precipitate into an articulated and complementary competitor for Gartner (IT) as the established competitors choose to remain in their cosy niche -IDC, Forrester (FORR), prepare for IPO -Ovum, or stay confined to their region –Experton (.5 probability).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mentions and a few comments for clarity. No sell out planned by the Justin gang. The objective remains to execute the strategy and M & A is always a business option to acclerate execution, but nothing in motion right now. Robin is still actively involved but he is based in the US and can win and deliver more business with Hurwitz than with us so he does. The new MarketAccess solutions are more about audience reach and appropriate end user communications than traditional Analyst services so definitely not same old same old.

ARonaut said...

Thanks for the precisions Justin.