Monday, 30 January 2006

Selling the value of AR

Duncan seems to be in sales mode, he just published this "buy me" post on this blog: New Readers: Start Here!

It contains a few self-sourced "research" that AR professionals can use as elevator pitch to answer those "who are you and why do you need budget, aren't you like PR and don't you just shmooze with analysts?" questions we sometimes get.


  • 72% of technology buyers use analysts opinions when short-listing products
  • 45% of them have added in a vendor because of an analyst's recommendation, while 42% have removed a vendor on analyst advice
  • 1/3 have consulted analysts
  • 2/3 say they're influenced by analyst reports
Useful to keep on a cheat-card...

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catherine said...

That's an excellent post. Most people have no idea how involved analysts are in negotiating bids.