Wednesday, 25 January 2006

Should AR professionals be certified?

Check the discussion on this post from James Governor: would the profile of AR be higher if all AR managers were certified? KGC offers such certification, of course others may have an idea too...

Can a visible AR function in turn increase its wallet share with analysts and expands its roles?


Catherine Helzerman said...

I have to admit, I agree with James on this one. Courses themselveles are good and can help new AR people learn about things they might not have had to know in pervious positions in fields such as public relations.

That being said, why the "certification"? I associate certification with something where there is a legal requirement to be competetant (hair dressers, civil engineers, doctors, real estate agents).

Also... they make the certification sound almost like a degree which is silly for a couse that takes, what, an afternoon? Even for short term classes that do offer "certification" usually the certification is basically a document proving you've successfullly completed the course. I'm sticking to my guns that people putting "APR" or whatever the analyst certification equiliviant is, is a little silly.

In any event, I think you've givin me my next debate topic for my message board. :-)

David Rossiter said...

Let's be real here.

Certification and accreditation only really mean something when people are hired because they have it (and - more importantly - not hired if they don't).

Training is good but why pretend it's more than it really is?