Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Ovum is floating -just about

As we announced before, Ovum has now gone through their IPO on the 10th at 190 pence. Their stock shot up to 219 on the 12th and went back to 198 on the 24th in small volumes.

Some in the industry have been speculating on what may happen next:

  • A mass exodus of suddenly enriched analysts?
  • An acquisition?
  • Aggressive development plans, for instance in consulting?

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Anonymous said...

I doubt if there will be an exodus of analysts from Ovum. The market capitalization is so small and it is traded so thinly that it will be difficuilt for a lot of individuals to sell their stock to retire.

Anonymous said...

Ovum was not exactly generous to its analysts when it came to share allocations and due to small market cap - few outside of the founders (who have walked) have benefited.
Not quite sure what the point of the IPO was other than to give liquidity to the founders....
They could acquire - but hardly in a position to make a play for anyone serious...

Anonymous said...

Bless your cotton socks ARonaut - "a mass exodus..."! As Anonymous above says, there are very few Ovum analysts indeed with the kind of holdings which could net them enough to retire. The most likely scenario is that they will do what they've said publicly: use the "new money" to acquire. Of course the targets will be small-to-medium sized players - but that's hardly surprising, as Ovum isn't huge itself.