Friday, 15 December 2006

Friday post: open source analysis, briefing blasts...

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From: Jack Berry
Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 2006 4:03:48 PM
Subject: Dec. 14 - IBM's Global Financing Quarterly Teleconference

I do not mean to bury you under multiple e-mails on the same subject but, Iwanted to be sure you know about the IGF IT Analyst Teleconferencetomorrow. I have a short list of analysts that may not all be on the moreformal list maintained by our Analyst Relations Support Group.I just picked up a new news items a few minutes ago, which I will share onthe call, that may prove of interest to those of you following IGF'sbusiness expansion strategy.SNAPSHOT: Join IBM Global Financing for a quarterlyupdate regarding the latest activities on financingofferings and some significant new areas of focuson Thursday, December 14, at 1:00 p.m. EST (18:00 UK).

IBM IT Analyst RelationsTeleconference Alert

The call this quarter will feature innovative new offerings in the commercial and partner space, the latest on what IGF is doing with facilitating customer challenges with assetdisposition, and a look at how we are leveraging the totalcost of ownership with PC Financing. We will also presentbrief updates on the latest news from SMB and Vendor Financing.

Jack Berry, Manager, IBM Global Financing, Analyst Relations

Thursday, December 14, 2006
1:00 p.m. - 2:15 p.m. EST
18:00 - 19:15 UK

To enroll in the teleconference, reply to Kate xxx, or call 1-xxx-xxx-xxx. A conferencenumber and password will be provided with your confirmation.

The charts will be available on the IT Analyst RelationsWeb site at: to the teleconference. Replay and additional materialswill be posted following the call.

This invitation is intended solely for the IT analystcommunity within your firm and must not be shared withpress, financial analysts or other companies.

By accepting this password or participating in theteleconference or both, you agree that the informationdisclosed to you is confidential to IBM, and you furtheragree not to disclose, publish, disseminate or use theinformation prior to its general announcement by IBM.IBM IT Analyst Relations E-mail: the IT Analyst Relations site:

Jack Berry
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Anonymous said...

IBM really used to be the very best at AR, but they've been slipping for a few years. I was also very surprised to get a similar invite from IBM financing recently (but I think from a different person). I haven't followed IBM for quite a few years, and never looked at their financing. I guess they are under pressure to get people on the call, and exchange quality for quantity, which says more about the targets used by their managers than anything else.

Anonymous said...

So smaller vendor or influential blogger does not equal quality?
I think give the guy a break - he is trying to come to grips with a changing analyst world. One that is difficult for anyone to navigate.
Those who (like my anonymous twin above) still equate AR as just about influencing the Borg are surely going to find themselves left out in the cold....

ARonaut said...

Quantity is certainly not quality. And quality is not either having only Borgs and IDC on the call. Analyst relations is about individuals. We've said this before: to us it should not matter if their business cards says Gartner or is their blog.

It's about attitude (and the ones with the most ego are not always the Borg analysts), being constructive and adding value.

Anonymous said...

IBM's AR hasn't simply "slipped" over the past couple of years - it's free-falling. Since 2003 IBM AR has devolved into a spin controller that does not take kindly to unflattering comments or outsider perspectives.

When IBM shakes its current attitude and quits viewing the analyst community as its personal PR machine, then maybe it'll be worthwhile to listen to what it has to say.

Anonymous said...

Compare IBM's AR machince to Accenture's: about 10 times the size and many, many, many times worse. It's disintegrated completely in the last couple of years to the point where most analysts just bypass it to talk directly with MI or their business line people. Also been a lot of IBM AR folks openly bitching about the level of politics there these days - sounds like time they appointed someone to straighten the mess out before it threatens to approach Oracle's AR hellhole of crapness... maybe IBM should hire the lovely Peggy?