Tuesday, 16 August 2005

Analyst World: a Never-Ending Turmoil

News from today.
Stratos Sarissamlis, key expert analyst in Service Management and Outsourcing has left Ovum, which he joined only last May coming from META Group.

Personal comment: symptom that Ovum might have internal 'survival' problems?


James Governor said...

do you know where he went? stratos is a great guy, very funny, very cynical, and wonderfully adept at tieing vendor "experts" into knots. he can however annoy the shit out of them. all i know is, meta group made a fortune out of him. maybe Ovum didnt have the cross european sales reach?

sembo said...

Working on his own I guess.

My bet is that he's tired of trying to convince short-sighted people that if you want to run end-user research you might be pissing off some of your lucrative vendors (a.k.a. "vendor whoring").

Check out Ovum's reach into the end-user segment to get a feeling.