Monday, 8 August 2005

Is it the Summer? Or the Reformation?

Did Martin Luther split Christianity in the summertime as well? Or is there some other reason that August seems to be the month for debunking myths?

We've seen Duncan denounce four myths; but Fred Abbot has overtaken him with publishing a much better paper exposing a huge total seven myths: that's three extra myths for free.

Duncan has struggled to come back by pointing out a further five dumb mistakes. It's hotting up. Sorry Duncan, but we still think Fred is ahead. Our estimate is that dumb mistakes are at least twice as easy to debunk as myths, and your five really only counts as two and a half. So it's 7 points to Fred, 6.5 points to Duncan.

Ten bonus points for the first one to nail a thesis to Gartner's door.


Anonymous said...

What an insightful report!

James Governor said...

we already nailed a thesis to the door.

here are the tenets: