Saturday, 13 August 2005

Gartner still a hostile environment for ex-META analysts

It looks like Gartner is not able to keep attracted relevant META analysts.

News of yesterday is that Carl Lehmann - based in Boston, MA and an expert in SRM and e-business integration strategies - has left GG to ADX (

We expect other ex-META analysts to leave sooner or later GG.
As predicted since the beginning, the super-bureaucratic work environment and the cultural differences are taking over the attempt of GG to retain the remainining pieces of the former competitor.


James Governor said...

have you gone native? what the shit is SRM? the world is supposed to know these acronyms?

theARpro said...

We were too scared to ask...

sembo said...

James, Arpro (and others), my apologies.
SRM = Supplier Relationship Management. Basically procurement, sourcing, contract management.