Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Gartner: now, pay to quote!

As predicted, the Borg is executing its plan to squeeze more revenue from vendors (see links below).
We have now received several confirmations from the AR community that Gartner now asks vendors to purchase reprint rights as a condition to quote Magic Quadrants in their press or marketing rights.
It is unclear whether this applies to only the graph or any quote, Gartner argues that only reproducing a quadrant can be misleading and that readers should have access to the whole piece.

Why? Read those previous posts:


theARpro said...

How can this possibly be legal? Copyright laws allow quotations and citations.

The graph itself is such a substantial piece of IP that I can see that it might be safer not to rip it. However, I can't see how they can prevent a vendor from stating that it has a particular placement on the quadrant.

sembo said...

This is because they cannot see beyond their nose.

Written research is getting more and more a commodity, and they keep on going with this (losing) model.

I would categorize a MQ in the commodity space, yes.
Why? Well, because it's basically out of a precise context relevant to the end-user.

Certainly getting paid-per-quote is a (non elegant) way to sqeeze vendors, who are paying less and less money to Research firms.