Friday, 12 August 2005

TigerLily teams up with Credo

We've just been given the update that Gerry Davies, one half of the Tiger Lily consultancy in England, has teamed up with PR firm Credo. Gerry has a broad background in marketing, which was reflected in Tiger Lily's focus on a broad range of influencers. It allows Credo to match the offer of Firefly, the London-based PR firm from which it seems to be abreak away.

Teaming up a PR agency is an interesting tactic. We've never felt that these 'most favoured nation' agreements really work in our favor as clients. No-one moved their PR to Edelman because of KCG's deal with them -- but it probably did make some people allied to other PR firms nervous about working with KCG.


Stephen England @ KCG said...

KCG has several PR partner firms and is involved in 3-5 major joint pitches per quarter.

We remain agnostic and some clients insist that we pitch with all of their roster of potential PR firms.

KCG does not use its strategy business to drive execution or outreach billable hours - almost all PR firm owned "competitors" do exactly that - and KCG has never been in the outreach business.

Contrast that with Firefly or Lighthouse in the UK and H&K or Wagg Ed in the US.

We have won new joint clients with Edelman and many other firms this year.

KCG is currently signing 1-2 new PR partner firms around the world (US, Europe, India, China etc)each quarter and many new KCG clients require their PR firm's staff to take our training courses and pass them. Hence the increasing number of partnerships and traction with joint clients, existing and new.

Duncan Chapple said...

Stephen, if evil pixies misrepresent KCG, why not be careful to avoid their mistake?

You've mistakenly misrepresented what Lighthouse is and does. Lighthouse is not owned by a PR company but by its staff, almost all of whom were themselves analysts. Lighthouse provides guidance, measurement, Intranets and training that help analyst relations managers to use analyst relationships to grow sales and brand equity: we are not executing outreach to analysts.

When my colleagues and I took over Lighthouse Analyst Relations in 2002 it did conduct analyst outreach. That was outreach for corporations like McAfee, CoreMedia and FileNet; principally they were also clients of Lighthouse PR, from whom we acquired Lighthouse AR. But the focus of Lighthouse AR has changed fully over those last three years. Lighthouse AR removed outreach from its retained agreements in 2003. I feel that is it's inexplicably mischievous to liken our firm to the analyst briefings service of a PR agency.


Duncan Chapple said...

To read a little more about the relationship between Lighthouse AR and publis relations firms, take a look at