Monday, 12 September 2005

Evalubase falls out with XMG

Following on from our post about XMG, a depressingly amusing war of words has opened up on Analyst Equity about former META analyst Doug Laney's working arrangements.

Duncan's post lists Laney as a XMG analyst, even though he is also listed as an analyst at Evalubase. In start-up firms like this, it's smart to work for two firms -- but perhaps Evalubase and XMG didn't both know, since Doug, XMG and Andy Bitterer are been slugging it out on the comments page. According to Doug, he isn't part of the XMG team. That's news to XMG.

Since even Andy seems to hold down a second job, as a mystery shopper for KLM, I don't see what the problem is.

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Anonymous said...

Analysts always like to complain about things, especially when there is nothing really to complain for.

Instead of thanking Duncan for bringing up a potential issue for Doug (i.e. he appears to be mentioned as being part of a company while he is totally unaware of this) the issue is whether or not Duncan should have better checked his sources - which, by the way he has done.

Dunc, keep on doing what you know best: keep an eye on analysts, wherever they belong.