Friday, 23 September 2005

Insystek buys Gartner's independence

The more I tell people I don't want dessert, the more I want it. Am I the only person who feels like that? Maybe not -- because Gartner seems to have the same contradiction.

The more Gartner talks about its independence and rigor, the more its people on the ground are love-hate bombing us -- telling us that good things happen to those pay their way.

Informally, they suggest that Gartner will be half-way to being a channel partner. Only now it seems it's formal.

On Insystek's home page they are highlighting their major business partners: along side the usual suspects like Microsoft and LANware is Gartner!

Try to imagine how all of Insystek's competitors are speaking about Gartner right now... then double it. The account manager at Gartner must have gotten a very sweet upside from Insystek to make outrage worthwhile.

P.S. It look five days, but Gartner got Insystek to full the listing on September 28. Score one for Team ARmadgeddon. To see how Gartner was presented, check out Google's cache.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Gartner is also listed on their page headed 'Strategic Channel Partnership'.

bitblue said...

Would you guys consider this possibility:
Insystek used the Gartner reference without permission.

You can't seriously believe that any research firm would partner with a vendor. ROTFL.

Of course, particularly small, unknown, and unknowing vendors often try to leverage the relationship with research firms. Kinda like "we briefed them, so they are gonna sell our stuff." Sure thing, right?

ARonaut said...

You maybe right Andy, see the PS.

Anonymous said...

Gartner is the mafia of analysts. Buy lots of research, they say nice things about you. Don't buy research? They say nasty things about you. It's as simple as that. That's the elephant in the room that never gets discussed.

bitblue said...

Very sophisticated insight. You clearly have no idea about market research. If you have the guts, give me a call and I fill you in.