Saturday, 3 September 2005

Kensington goes offline?

I hate bookmarks in my browser, so I loved Kensington Group's listing of analyst websites. But I've had a shock this morning... no

Does anyone know if there's a similar listing -- bigger than the Tekrati one? And does anyone know what's happening at Kensington: is it a web problem or are they closed?


French said...

Why do you want a listing bigger than Tekrati?

theARpro said...

Kensington's got, what, 500 firms and Tekrati have a third of that?

French said...

I heard from Norma, who said her website is undergoing some changes.

Apologies, thought you were familiar with the Tekrati directory. 380-390 firms are listed. Most recent add is Maurene Grey's consultancy.

Always pleased to have someone point out firms that are missing, although generally I only hear from analysts on this. My email and phone contact info is listed at the site.

theARpro said...


Thanks for the tip on the directory. Either it's even better than it was, or I just hadn't looked at it the right way.

Did you hear anything more from Norma? It's two weeks now and her site is still offline.