Tuesday, 27 September 2005

Note to PR agencies: stop spamming analysts! (and just everyone else)

What's wrong with all those PR folks? Is it just because they think they "own" the messages (note the differences with "understanding"), that they feel authorised to send alerts to just about everyone, follow-up with a release, a pitch, etc, etc, etc...?

Here's a wake-up call from Borg-Andy Bitterer (as ex-META Group, he's got an excuse though), in case previous posts (Analysts say tech waffle is 'most frustrating') doe not make the point clearly enough: [bit blue blog;] This is Ground Control to PR Tom

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Anonymous said...

It is more than poor targeting, it is the way PR people coach their clients before analyst meetings. Analysts are not press!!! Even PR agencies saying they have a dedicated AR person make these errors.

I will use Rainier as an example. They go on and on about their new AR division and surveying analysts and finding out what analysts don't like about and what to do better. AND THEN they promote their media training - run by two ex journalists NOT ANALYSTS - as being good for companies talking with industry analysts.