Friday, 21 September 2007

A Borg in a closet

Stephen England scooped rencently that Gartner had decided to suspend their participation to third party surveys. Those are conducted by a variety of AR firms such as KGC and are really useful for AR professionals to evaluate their AR programmes.

The Borg is also very quiet on the blogging side which prompted James (McGovern) to ask some questions, although Geva say he's a bit harsh in his very good post.

Why is the Borg so secretive and closed?

James (Govermonk) would say they're not part of the conversation and he's got a point: what's Gartner contribution to the community?

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Carter said...

Market dominate vendors rarely see an advantage in being part of a community. Nor do dominate vendors want be part of industry standards bodies unless their proprietary whatever is the standard. They would rather be closed and lock out the competition.

What would be more surprising is if Gartner did become active members of a community it could not control not gain immense value from.