Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Undercutting the Borg

Duncan just blogged on analysts firms targetting the segment under Gartner's (IT) reach:
Picking up the money Gartner and Forrester leave on the table (Analyst Equity).

He lists a few firms ative in EMEA, including IDC, Berlecon, NelsonHall and PAC.
He also mentions Burton Group although they have no presence in EMEA and Springboard for AsiaPAC.

To be complete, his post should mention whether analysts do have en user impact (in the list above, IDC Insights and Nelson Hall only) or are vendor-oriented. The latter category is actually much wider, with firms such as Current Analysis for instance, or local fims such as Sirmi in Italy and Penteo in Spain. Duncan should also mention firms we have posted about many times such as the Freeform Fellowship, Datamonibores (+ Butler + the Eggheads), Bloor, MWD, Strategy Partners, etc...
Plus the bloglysts such as the ever-ubiquious James Govermonk...

Maybe Dunc' should start up a wiki?

ARmadgeddon's take: EMEA AR professionals should not limit themselves to European branches of US analyst firms, but identify and segment local influencers, in particular since they are generally not covered by search tools and champion them internally according to their goals.

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Duncan Chapple said...

My post was about the firms that seem to benefit the most from Gartner and Forrester's move. The other firms you mention are really not in that category: Datamonitor and Ovum aim elsewhere, and the vendor-serving UK micro-boutiques are not picking up much business from Forrester or Gartner.

sembo said...

Depends what business you're thinking of. The independent analysts together have a significant share of speaking engagements for instance.

Anonymous said...

Am confused about the statement regarding IDC Insights and Nelson-Hall having "user-influence". IDC Insights is practically all vendor revenue-driven (handful of user subscribers, but very limited). It was spun off from the IDC mothership to develop a user-business, but ended up canabalizing the existing IT vendor business - hence the firm's recent demise and ongoing layoffs. Nelson-Hall's entire customer base (I am reliably informed) is all from vendors - plus all its research is written for the consumption of the marketing exec at the vendor.