Wednesday, 5 September 2007

H&K shoots at the Borg (and others)

Hill and Knowlton shares its acronym with Heckler&Koch, and reading the following post it maybe more than a coincidence?
Are you getting less for more from your analyst firm subscriptions? (ARcade)

Melissa Grant aims her guns at the Gartner Borg, IDC and Forrester for trying to screw vendors harder by segmenting their RAS offerings into an increasing number of silos.

ARmadgeddon's take: the Borg and others have long figured out that new clients acquisitions costs were high and that it was more profitable to milk their existing Forbes 2000 customers. Gene hall calls this increasing "leverage" (check report page 3: Substantial Operating Leverage in Our Business Model). The mood at IT vendors over imposed price increases have now reached boiling point and we foresee a backlash on renewals for RAS services whose value is not clearly demonstrable, especially in the case of an economic downturn.

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