Monday, 10 September 2007

Great post, now gone...

Shame the ARcade guys deleted their post, it was asking really good questions:
ARcade : Are you getting less for more from your analyst firm subscriptions?

Update: we were wondering which of arm-wrenching tactics or H&K having second thoughts caused the post to go offline.

Apparently neither (see comment below), and the post is now back online. Kudos to H&K for saying aloud what many think.

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Joshua Reynolds said...

Thanks for noticing! The post is coming back later this morning. We caught a factual inaccuracy and needed to correct it ASAP. Only because yours truly is a horrible novice at blog process and protocol did this appear as a deletion and not a correction. We stand behind Melissa Grant's observations and questions. We've heard some back-channel rumblings that we were strong-armed into taking it down. Not true. We simply got one of our facts wrong re: historical Forrester pricing, and we're fixing it ASAP.