Monday, 17 September 2007

Freeform Fellowship grows and blurs

Freeform Dynamics has added a new fellow to its inner ring: David Tebbutt comes out (Freeform Comments].

David (high-res picture here) is a blogger, journalist and free commenter on cooperation, collaboration and communication. In the post above, Dale comments on the blurring lines between analysts and expert bloggers: "people who investigate like analysts, think like analysts, write like analysts, but don’t actually call themselves analysts". Shall we call them "bloglysts"?

ARmadgeddon's take:
The emergence of a new breed of bloggers-analysts is both a challenge an an opportunity for Analyst Relations.

  • Early movers who already have begun their morphing from AR into IfR should engage with bloglysts as it extends their reach while limiting risks for potential territorial disputes with their PR comrades.
  • All AR professionals should however use the same coverage area filters and best practices when dealing with bloglyst, in particular in insisting to see their UPCOMING research agenda, ensure compliance with NDA's and ask to review research notes draft for factual accuracy before publication.

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